Wharf maintenance progresses on Aotea Great Barrier Island

Because the work is weather dependent, our contractor (STF), will move between all three locations to ensure work is carried out in a safe, efficient and cost-effective way, that causes the least disruption to the local community and visitors.

Tryphena Wharf

Tryphena Wharf is an important connection to Aotea Great Barrier Island. This work will ensure that the wharf remains fit-for-purpose for all users and extends the life of a key community asset. This means the community can continue to use the wharf as they always have for years to come.So that renewal works can progress to schedule, Tryphena Wharf will be closed to the public from early April until the end of June 2024. However, SeaLink and the Coastguard will have access to the wharf during construction.The work includes upgrading old timber fender piles with steel cased piles, replacing timber bracing with galvanised steel bracing, replacing the existing timber deck with hardwood decking, and fixing smaller elements such as walers, awning and handrails.There is a possibility that STF may need to stop work over the winter months (July – October) to avoid unproductive downtime and additional costs, if sea conditions make work unsafe. We’ll work through April, May and June 2024 and a decision will be made at the end of June. If works do stop over the winter, STF will ensure the wharf is left in a safe state, with public access to the upper deck restored, and SeaLink will continue to operate from the adjacent ramp.

Okupu Wharf

At Okupu Wharf, we’re replacing the fender piles, an existing ladder, bollards, and a waler. This is near completion and on schedule, despite some weather delays and an increase in the scope of work. The final fender piles will be installed over the coming weeks, but this work is dependent on the tides and weather.

Whangaparapara Wharf

At Whangaparapara Wharf, we’re replacing treads on the staircase and installing a new steel edge on the boat ramp. This should only take around four days but we’re yet to confirm a start date. Ideally, it will be when weather conditions at Tryphena mean it’s unsafe for STF to be working there.Overall, the wharf renewals on Aotea Great Barrier are expected to take 6-7 months to complete but are largely dependent on winter weather and sea conditions. We’ll continue to provide updates on how work is progressing.

If you need to contact Auckland Transport about this project, please call 0800 103 080.

Words by Auckland Transport