Wastelines – Zero Waste Updates

We’re excited to see some great new initiatives aimed at minimising waste and reducing our carbon footprint. Here are some of the latest developments shaping Aotea’s journey towards zero waste and resilience:

Tiddles at The Rocks has taken a proactive approach towards reducing e-waste by offering a vape recycling program. Customers can now drop their used vapes into a designated bucket at The Rocks, knowing that these materials will be collected and sent to Auckland for recycling. This service, provided free of charge by Tiddles, demonstrates a commitment to environmental stewardship and community engagement.

Claris Store has introduced a range of cleaning products from ‘Cleanery’. If you use cleaning products, these ones come with many eco friendly features, including: 

Locally made in Auckland- less carbon emisssions associated with transport

Septic tank friendly

Minimal packaging, reducing waste generation 

Concentrated formulations, saving space and resources in the shop and during transportation 

Elimination of water content in the products, reducing costs and environmental burden associated with water transportation.

The sachets are a reusable soft plastic, and not having liquid in them, they don’t require rinsing first

You can fill into your own existing spray bottles

If a Cleanery refillable bottle is purchased and it becomes damaged, it is fully recyclable The nozzle just needs to be separated from the bottle and brought to Anamata. 

Not only are these ‘Cleanery’ products environmentally responsible, but we think they also offer great value for money.

Anamata has locally produced compost for sale at $5 for 10 litres! This compost is the result of a concerted effort to collect and process green and food waste on-site, thanks to the support from the Waste Minimization and Innovation Fund (WMIF) and the community who deliver their compostable materials to Anamata. If you are interested to see the process, call or pop into Anamata to arrange a time that suits.

By embracing innovative solutions and community collaboration, Aotea is paving the way towards a greener, cleaner future. 

Read more about what we do at www.anamata.nz

Words by Jo O’Reilly, Zero Waste Ambassador and Anamata Director