Aotea Great Barrier Island’s Zero Waste Mission.

Remaining space in the Aotea landfill is limited – in fact the island landfill is almost full. This has resulted in a zero-waste race between the islanders and the landfill, a race in which visitors are also invited to take part.

You’ll find out that there are no public rubbish bins on Aotea – It may seem shocking, but this is to help us on our waste minimisation goal as an island. This includes at the DOC huts and campgrounds.

There are still many ways you can dispose of your waste. Check out the pages below to discover how to dispose of your waste on the island, ways to reduce your waste and some enterprising waste busting champions on Aotea.

Aotea’s Living Lightly Leaders

If you are intrigued about how locals live lightly discover Aotea’s ‘Living lightly leaders’ on Anamata’s monthly features

Residents of Aotea Great Barrier Island captured at their homes

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