Eating & Drink out on Great Barrier Island

Looking for somewhere to eat and drink on Great Barrier island? From cafes serving delicious brunches and organic coffee, to waterfront dining and mouth watering gourmet takeaway burgers, the Barrier has a lot of yummy bites on offer. We have three social clubs on the island, Barrier social club, GBI Sports Club and GBI Golf club. All three welcome visitors and they are a great place to enjoy a meal and to get to know the locals. Please make sure you get a club member to sign you in.

Opening times

Opening times can vary throughout the year, we recommend checking opening times and booking ahead. This is especially important throughout the summer season, over weekends and if you are visiting in a large group.

It’s worth remembering that people choose to visit Great Barrier Island to get away from the rat race and all its modern conveniences. This means that places aren’t open 24/7 and we definitely don’t have uber eats! But we do have some great places to eat, so to ensure you don’t miss out, plan ahead and make a booking.

We try to keep and up to date dine out guide, so you can plan where to eat and drink on Great Barrier Island and where to book ahead for your trip – click on the link below to download the most up to date dine out guide.

Opening times

Check out the listings below to discover places to eat on the island.

Food at Barrier social club on Great Barrier Island
Coffee machine at Mulberry Grove Store Cafe on Great Barrier Island

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