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Free community news on Aotea Great Barrier Island For the community, by the community LATEST RELEASE: ISSUE 4 11 APRIL 2024 Click the cover page to read print version ISSUE 3 Articles Find all previous issue articles here Next issue … Read More

Kahili Ginger a Major Threat to Aotea

Kahili Ginger (Hedychium gardnerianum), is a major threat to Aotea, an invasive pest plant with a liking for choking out native flora.  Its shade tolerant nature allows it to take hold in even the most pristine native bush and it … Read More

Staying Alive

Adam Johnston is Aotea’s full time, volunteer paramedic. Changes in our 24/7 services may be afoot and he tells us why Fifteen-years-ago, Adam Johnston was called to Aotea Great Barrier. When holidaying one calm winter day at his beach house … Read More

Navigating Our Night Skies in Autumn

A Sparkle of Stargazing In this stargazing snippet let’s gaze at Orion and his dogs before they set in the west. Start by popping on some warm clothes and turning all the lights off. Go outside and take at least … Read More

The Garden in April

Autumn is a busy time in the garden although it never has quite the excitement that spring gardening has! Most of the summer crops will be over, but some will linger on into winter Peppers and chillis can go right … Read More

Faecal Matters

Septic System Servicing and Maintenance Requirements on Aotea If you’re a property owner on Aotea Great Barrier Island, you likely received a letter from Auckland Council about the ‘new’ septic servicing compliance rules. Auckland Council now require wastewater systems to … Read More

A Dog Lying on the Grass
Birds and Dogs Don’t Mix

Something I hear often is “my dog is great with chickens.” That must mean it completely ignores them, because that what bird aversion teaches. If not, you need to take your dog back for more bird aversion training because it … Read More

Barrier Brew For Sale

Great Barrier Island Brewing Company, the brainchild of local icons Mike Brown and Erica Archibald, is on the market The business, known for its bespoke beer and kombucha served at My Fat Puku café and the Social Club, represents a … Read More

Anamata Seed Bank and Seasonal Changes

News & Updates from Anamata – Our friendly and fantastic Resource Recycling Centre Anamata Seed Bank Recently some of our wonderful island gardeners participated in the Grow Food Aotea Seed Swap & Sale event. Such an excellent Autumn initiative that … Read More

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