Yoga pose on paddle board on Kaitoke stream. Aotea Great Barrier Island
Beautiful women – the Yoginis of Aotea

“My goodness, what a beautiful group of women,” says Anne Kernohan of the island’s Aotea Yoga Collective. When former island yoga teacher Julie Stansfield offered to sell her practice just over a year ago, six yoginis (female master yoga practitioners) … Read More

Surfer Medlands beach Great Barrier Island
How Barrier surfing became cool

Who was Great Barrier’s first surfer? Tryphena resident and retired island chemist Mike Gardiner can claim that title. He first visited the island in 1957 fresh out of school and camped in a cave near the mouth of Kaitoke River, … Read More

Person looking out at the view from Mount Heale Hut, Great Barrier Island
Moving the middle ground

From the deck of the Aotea Track’s Mt Heale (Matāwhero) Hut the vista at twilight is awe-inspiring. It faces west towards Te Hauturu-o-Toi / Little Barrier Island. To the left is the distant glow of Auckland. Ecologically, Aotea Great Barrier … Read More


Recently I watched a near total eclipse of the moon. I watched it from the bush clearing that surrounds my house. The moon rose above the ridge about 9.30pm. There were faint wispy clouds in the night sky. Through binoculars … Read More

Great Barrier Lodge
Accommodation - Listing

Please note for Summer 2021/22 Great Barrier Lodge will be open for Fuel, Boat supplies, Dive refills, Bait & Ice and Small Shop open this summer. Please note the restaurant and bar are now close and the lodge is only … Read More

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