Aotea’s Got Talent

Words Tim Higham, Images Saskia Koerner Aotea’s population is growing. The number of people listing the island as their primary place of residence for health care purposes has crept up to over 1150. The last official census in 2018 had … Read More

The Thriving Summer Garden

Saturday Sept 25  9.30-2.30 (5 hours including lunch) $85   Growing the Generous Fruits and Roots of Summer   planning in space and time: (ie, trying to fit it all in and get non-stop food!) sowing, growing, planting cucs, zucs, … Read More

The Magic of Grafting

Sunday Sept 19  9.30-12.30 (3 hours) $70   The why’s and how’s of joining one variety of fruit tree to another   why graft what goes with what grafting techniques graft a delicious apple tree to take home   Refreshments … Read More

Creating Dark Earth Sanctuaries

Saturday Sept 4   9.30-2.30 (5 hours including lunch) $85   A Day of Action in Service of the Earth! Making Compost  Building Worm Farms  Mulch Growing Green Manure   Refreshments and morning tea provided, please BYO lunch

The Magic of Herbs!

Saturday August 28 9.30-2.30 (5 hrs inc lunch) $85   A fragrant day! Growing herbs from cutting, division and seed: from tarragon to thyme, verbena to Vietnamese mint Planning and planting a herb garden Seed Saving  Harvesting and Storing    … Read More

Roots and Shoots!

Saturday August 14 2021  9.30-2.30 (5 hrs inc lunch)   A full on day of sowing, planting and eating super healthy Kai! $85   Growing Greens for  Smoothies and Salads Bed Prep Using Compost and Worm Poop for best greens! … Read More

Planting Fruit Trees

Saturday 31 July 2021   9.30-1.30 (4 hrs inc lunch) (early finish for the ball!) $70   Getting your new fruit trees off to the best start possible rootstocks and spacing right tree, right place pollinators to get fruit set! … Read More

Winter Pruning and Training in the Orchard

Saturday July 17   9.30-2.30 (5 hrs inc lunch) $85   Hands on practical in a mature productive orchard   Why prune? Fruit tree growing habits Using tools effectively Pruning and training young trees the first three years Mistakes we … Read More

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