SeaLink Diversions to Whangaparapara for Wednesdays in July

Tryphena Wharf on Great Barrier Island has been undergoing major renewals since April 2024, to ensure that the wharf remains fit-for-purpose and extends the life of a key community asset.

To progress the remaining work as efficiently as possible, AucklandTransport (AT) and SeaLink have jointly agreed that the Wednesday sailings to Tryphena Wharf (Shoal Bay) during July 2024, will divert to Whangaparapara Wharf. Weekend sailings will continue to Tryphena Wharf as usual.  

By changing the sailings, contractors STF will be able to work uninterrupted five days per week to rebuild the wharf’s SeaLink berthing face as quickly as possible through July. This will reduce disruption to SeaLink sailings during the busier summer season.

SeaLink’s primary vessel ‘Island Navigator’ will be in dry dock during July, providing an opportunity to coordinate timetable changes around these issues.

“Tryphena Wharf is crucial to our operations on Aotea, and it is important to us that the work being conducted there is finished as quickly and safely as possible. We understand that diverting some sailings will be an inconvenience to some of our customers, but we are pleased to be able to continue using the wharf on our weekend sailings throughout July,” says Grady Cameron, CEO at SeaLink.

AT and SeaLink will also arrange for additional landside freight support between Whangaparapara and Claris to help reduce disruption to the local community.

“We’ve worked closely with SeaLink to try and minimise any disruption to the community. The additional time STF can spend working on the wharf now means less interruption during the busy summer months and the reopening of Tryphena Wharf,” says Joshua Hyland, Delivery Manager PT & Facilities at Auckland Transport.

STF will work to get as much done as quickly as possible, ahead of the winter period when the team will pause work until October 2024. We don’t expect the remaining work to be as disruptive.

Sealink’s sailing schedule for July 2024:

  • Every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • Tryphena sailings on Wednesday 10 July and 24 July will be diverted to Whangaparapara.
  • Saturday and Sunday sailings remain the same and will sail to Tryphena.
  • Port Fitzroy sailings remain the same: 3, 17 and 31 July. However, if this changes, SeaLink will contact affected customers in advance.
  • More information can be found on the SeaLink website or by calling Auckland Transport on 0800 103 080.

Public Service Announcement by SeaLink