Private registered moorings

There are privately owned registered moorings in several of the harbours around Aotea Great Barrier Island’s coast

Moorings are located predominantly in Tryphena, Okupu, Whangaparapara, in and around Port FitzRoy. Many visitors come to the island via boat and often look for moorings to hire instead of anchoring.

This is particularly important at the present as there is a controlled area notice and rāhui in place restricting boats from anchoring in Tryphena, Okupu, Port Fitzroy and Whangaparapara due to an invasive seaweed, Caulerpa Brachypus that has been found in the waters around the island.

Below is a list of contact details for their private owners for you to get in touch with.

Please note that it is up to the individual mooring licensees that they follow the conditions of their license as per Auckland Transport’s licensing.

Visiting by boat?

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Shoal Bay

William Park

Pole mooring available over spring and summer. Certified up to 10m.

Jim & Janene Laughton

Certified up to 10m

021 275 9461

Benny & Eve Bellerby

Located at Gibb’s Landing, certified up to 12m

027 387 7950

Paul Kelso

Located at Gibb’s Landing, certified up to 12m – GBT07

 LAT 36/19/185 LONG 175/29/018

021 753 576

Michelle Page

Available for up to 10m. 

Lowest tide depth is 8m.

Available for short or long term.

Contact Michelle for prices of each possibility.

027 206 7580



Nikki Wimsett

Certified up to 5.5m.


Jason Gunn

Certified up to 14m. Available for short term hire 1day – 1 week.

021 058 1111

Port FitzRoy

If you would like your mooring added to this list. Please email details to