Caulerpa in Leigh, Near Marine Reserve

As reported by One News, a one square metre area of caulerpa has been found in Omaha Bay, Leigh, only a short distance from Goat Island Marine reserve, one of New Zealand’s best known marine protected areas.

Omaha Cove. The potential site of discovery. Photo: Justjenine – Own work, Public Domain

Biosecurity NZ have not yet confirmed the identity of the seaweed to be caulerpa, but it is highly likely. If confirmed they have said it will be treated “as soon as possible”.

It has also not yet been confirmed where the  seaweed would have come from and its exact location in Omaha but it was found during routine surveillance of high risk areas. 

However, Omaha Cove has a wharf used by commercial fishing boats, including those permitted to work in the controlled areas around Aotea, which we reported on in Issue 7 and 8, after the discovery of cray pots in the controlled area around Schooner Bay. 

We will provide updates when there is more information available.

The local Aotea Caulerpa Response Team will be holding a hui on 3 July 2024 at