Classic Surf Event to Return

Aimee Brown told Aotea FM’s Monday Morning show the old school longboard event would be held as a tribute to her father Mike Brown.

Mike ran the event between the early 1990s to about 2014.

Aimee rode in the last one. “The rule was if you could carry the board to the water, you could enter.”

Surfers ride ‘old dunga’ boards with glassed- in fins, two of which are in the ceiling of the Brown’s shed along with an old marquee, ‘watch out for sharks’ sign and the trophies. The hunt is on for more boards. Four are needed to make a comp.

“I want to do it as a memorial thing now, and if we run it next summer it will be a 30th anniversary from it starting.”

Show host Tim Higham said he expected the island’s senior, out-of-condition surfers to be shocked, knowing they were expected to be back on their boards, hanging 10 and turning tricks in just a few months. Tandem riding and handstands are expected.

To listen to Tim’s full interview with Amiee and Mitch Brown here: