The Revolution Starts Here

 A lot of visitors say Great Barrier Island is like stepping back in time. All homes and accommodation places are reliant on their own power, waste and water systems. Recent participants in the Off the Grid Festival had the chance … Read More

The Love of Food

Joss Bellerby loves the apple and chocolate scents of her Stonewall Store in Tryphena when she opens up in the morning. Gerald Endt needs to be in touch with the day – temperature, soil condition and moisture – if his … Read More

Winter Treats at Tryphena House

  Iconic homestead – Waterfront and accessible location – Outdoor heated bathtubs – Open Fire – Pool Table – Close to the pub and cafe – Kayak & Paddleboards… Plus we’re a locally owned and hosted accommodation (Yep, equipped with … Read More

Through Fresh Eyes

Aotea and every one of the 50-odd islands and rock stacks that surround it has a name. Some are well-known, like Rakitū and Kaikoura. Others known to just a few, markers to a past stretching back a thousand years. Rodney Ngawaka … Read More

Seabird Capital

A visitor to the wooden viewing platform on the summit of the island’s highest peak during a still night in the early summer would hear the clacking of dozens of tāiko beaks. These are the first of the male arrivals, … Read More

Wellbeing Ideas for a trip to Aotea

Aotea/Great Barrier Island is a place to disconnect from the outside world and restore your wellbeing through nature. If you’re looking to escape the daily rat race, reconnect with a loved one, family, friends, or even just yourself. Aotea is the … Read More

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