Local itinerary ideas for rainy days on Great Barrier Island


SO, you’ve booked this amazing holiday to get away and relax…and it’s raining. Out here on our island, we embrace the rain, in fact we rely on it.

Being off-grid means we catch our own water, whether through rain fall on our roofs or through the streams in our valleys. But either way, rain is our good friend; for drinking, washing, cleaning, swimming, cooking and gardening. We encourage you to slow down, embrace the rain, and enjoy our relaxed way of life!

But if you’re in need of some ideas to keep you entertained when the weather isn’t too flash then we’ve come up with a few local tips of what to do on a rainy day on Great Barrier Island:

Go for a walk – Pop on your warm, wet weather gear and enjoy nature from a different perspective. Water is the essence of life, and what better way to enjoy it than to go for a walk through the bush, or on the beach in the rain and fully embrace Papatūānuku (mother earth) and all that she offers.

Go for a swim – Swimming in the rain always makes you feel warmer in the water. Going for an invigorating dip and getting back into warm clothes leaves you snug and revitalised.
Not a fan of the cold? The Kaitoke Natural Hot Springs are a flat 45min walk from the road for a quiet, warm soak surrounded by our beautiful native bush. You’re already wet from the rain, so why not fully immerse yourself in it?

Visit the Art Galleries and Museums – We have oodles of talent on the island both past and present. Our art galleries are teeming with beautiful art and keepsakes to remind you of your trip to the Barrier. And our museums showcase our rich heritage of pioneering stories and Ngā Kōrero o Neherā (historical accounts).

Watch a movie – The Great Barrier Social Club put on a movie night every Monday night. Get in quick if you want to get some delicious dinner, or one of the comfy couches in front of the projector.

Upcycle/Recycle – Anamata is an upcycling and recycling centre next to our landfill who give a new life to items no longer needed by others. They have everything from pots and pans for the camping trip, clothes and books for those unforeseen wet days, golf clubs for your new found hobby and household goods for that new batch!
The St Johns Goodwill Opp Shop, located next to the Church in Medlands has clothes, trinkets, books and other miscellaneous items. One mans trash is another mans treasure!

Cook up a storm – Our stores are stocked with supplies for most culinary delights. Why not spend the day whipping up that degustation menu and channelling your inner Jamie Oliver you’ve never had time for! Can’t cook? Learn! Don’t want to learn? We have great local eateries for you to sit back and listen to the rain on the roof while you just enjoy going nowhere.

Boardgames/Card games – Boardgames and card games are a classic to pass the time. A lot of accommodation providers have them too. If they don’t, check out Anamata or the St John Goodwill Opp Shop to see if they have anything.

Get crafty – Go foraging for driftwood, seaweed, sticks, rocks and fallen leaves. Nature is a fantastic canvas to get crafty. No need for paint and plastic! Bring back the mud pies and homemade bush forts!

Just do nothing…
Read a book, lie in bed, listen to the rain, see the beauty in nature, relax, embrace the slow way of life. You’re on holiday! We’re not in a rush, so you don’t need to be either.