Wastelines – Kerbside & Compost

News & Updates from Anamata – Our friendly and fantastic Resource Recycling Centre Kerbside Recycling Standards Unfortunately, when recycling bins are contaminated or contain non recyclable items, often the whole bin load: private, kerbside or commercial bins, end up going … Read More

Quiz Night Pumping

First quiz night raises over $1500 for Levi Golaboski’s memorial pump track. The Currach Irish pub, with quiz maestro Heidi Mill’s  raised over $1500  towards Levi’s Golaboski’s Pump Track, on Sunday 24 March. With an astounding 11 teams competing, ‘Will’s … Read More

Finally, A Friendly Rust on Aotea

Tradescantia Yellow Leaf Spot Fungus (Kordyana brasiliensis) has arrived on Aotea (a friendly rust) Tradescantia Yellow Spot Fungus is known to be an effective Biocontrol agent against the very aggressive pest plant Tradescantia fluminensis better known as ‘Wandering Willie‘ or … Read More

Celebrating International Dark Sky Week

Aotea/ Great Barrier signs international dark sky proclamation On 26 March 2024 Aotea Great Barrier Island made a “Dark Sky Proclamation” to mark International Dark Sky Week. “A Dark Sky Proclamation is a ceremonial document that a community or organisation signs … Read More

Critter of the Month

A spotless crake has been spotted! A new addition to Aotea Advocate, Critter of the Month by Ecology Vision We are pretty excited about this one! This may very well be the ONLY images ever captured of a Pūweto (Spotless … Read More

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