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Aotea Army Assembles

Last week, Leon Foster took to social media to launch the ‘Aotea Army’. You’ll likely know Leon from Barrier ITM, but his helpful persona goes above and beyond his daily work. Leon is much loved around the island for his kind heart, open and insightful poems and being a strong advocate for mental health.

But it doesn’t stop there, he is now assembling and organising an army of volunteers from across the motu to start working bees, helping those truly in need.

Leon Foster, organizer of ‘Aotea Army’

The response to Leon’s outreach has been nothing but humbling and heartwarming. A crystal clear reminder for many, of the reason they choose to live on this off grid rock.

When action is needed, this community bands together.

The Aotea Army already has over 32 volunteers committed. They are skilled and diverse; from qualified builders to registered counsellors. The initiative is built around working bees and focused on helping with practical tasks, but in true Barrier style, the offers haven’t stopped there. Volunteers have come forward to even offer pampering and haircuts!

Mulberry Grove Store are providing Thai meals for the people the Army are assisting, Sunset Lodge are offering free bus rides for volunteers and Port FitzRoy Store are providing drinks and snacks. Lunch gift vouchers are coming from My Fat Puku, cold drinks and snacks for the hardworking volunteers from The Rocks, Barrier Building Supplies have swooped in to support by offering much needed materials for projects and Gulf Fuels are supplying the fuel for tools required to do the mahi.

In a short time, the Aotea Army has clearly gained strong momentum.

So why did Leon activate this? He says, ‘If you don’t take action. Don’t expect change’.

Ka pai, Leon and the Aotea Army.

Follow or message: Aotea Army Facebook page

Call Leon: 020 4143 3243

Sunday 17 March

  • 9am for briefing and meet at Tryphena Hall ready to head 300m up the hill on Medland’s road

Sunday 31 March

  • 9am meet at Medlands Church for a convoy to a property in Okupu

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