Orama Launches Marine Adventure Centre

OMAC for short. With the changing tides of activities here, OMAC has been developed in response to the amazing opportunity that remains right here for young people to flourish.

OMAC will be an experiential learning opportunity for young people to explore the wonder of our geographical location and the marine environment right on our doorstep.

The aim of the OMAC experience is to provide the opportunity for young people to realise something new about themselves, and to enhance their personal growth through connection, participation and problem-solving. 

Available to schools for week-long (or longer) camp experiences, OMAC has a collection of real-life learning themes and activities centred around our marine environment with opportunities such as sailing, kayaking, fishing, ‘ocean to plate’, marine stewardship and conservation.

There will of course also be the additional quintessential camp extras such as spotlight and smores, and bellies full of the best camp food ever eaten thanks to our amazing chefs. Find more at : www.orama.nz