Funding for Protecting and Enhancing the Moana

with the purpose of supporting action to protect and restore the Moana within the area of the Sea of Toi ( broadly the inner and outer Gulf), definitely Aotea Great Barrier.

That is, it is a fund to support groups or individuals financially to carry out meaningful work. It will run for 15 years.

Kelly & I wish that most of this money is to be spent supporting Aotea groups needing funding to undertake work that will support Te Moananui O Toi’s purpose. To do so we need as many applications as possible. Projects may be multi year, that is, if you need support for more than a single year, we can look at this in a single application.

If you have a project, please go to the website and look at the info there and how to apply. Please feel free to ask us about your application before you submit so we can assist you if you are uncertain.

Often protecting the Moana starts on the whenua, so don’t think this needs to be totally water based. It could for instance support wetlands to protect estuaries as is being done in Medlands.It may also support educational or cultural programs with the same focus. It is focused on Action.

There is also a yearly scholarship to support postgraduate work in this area.

Kelly & I look forward to hearing about and seeing your applications. 

Contact us with any further questions or enquiries at: