Aotea Boardriders Clubhouse Underway

On 20 Saturday April, despite the pouring rain, a volunteer team assembled to fell two macrocarpa trees, remove the stumps, and truck them off site. Many thanks to Joel from Aotea Contractors for the loan of the truck and digger and Aotea Arb for loan of the Arb equipment, truck and chipper.

Massive thanks to Sid and Benny as arboricultural crew, Evander on the digger and Manuka on clean up. Spirits were high even as the rain came down, on seeing this project become a reality on the land after all these years. Momentous!

Last week Manuka was busy attending pre start meetings with Cushla, Bow on build, Roger on earthworks and Steve on survey. Manuka and Bow from Sustainable Aotea met again to lay out the lines for the foundation placement.

On Wednesday the first holes were drilled and inspected. Then on Thursday filled with with concrete from Aotea Contractors and foundation posts. Huge thanks to a mostly volunteer crew, RG Contracting with Craig, Mark and Roger, Steve from Harrison Grierson, Aotea Arb with Sid, Juan and Jake, Bow from Sustainable Aotea, Clayton from 360 Construction and Manuka working tirelessly as usual. 

We can’t fathom how we would have managed to fund this little club room project without the generous assistance, time and expertise of our local contractors who support ABC activities! Thank you, thank you all!

Jake, Juan, Manuka, inspector from GCL, and Sid

What’s Next?

Going forward, the build will be largely undertaken by paid contractors. But, the foundations of the club, literally and figuratively, were for the most part built on volunteer hours, contributed services and equipment. 

As we steadily advance on the project, we would like to invite all members and supporters to attend a meeting next week to go over the next steps and timing of the project completion. Come along as support, or to see if you can help out in some way. Come along to celebrate ABC laying foundations on a small triangle of earth on our beautiful island home. 

If you couldn’t make it to the meeting on the 8 May, but would like to offer help in any way, please let us know.

Thank you

Words by Eve Bellerby