Getting around Great Barrier Island

Aotea Great Barrier Island is deceptively big, nearly 45 kilometres long and 285 square kilometres.

The main thing to know is there is no regular public transport on the island.
Over the peak Summer months transport options are limited due to high demand. Bookings are essential, to get the most from your trip and to avoid disappointment we highly recommend booking one of the below options well in advance:

  • Car Rental
  • Shuttle Transfers*
  • Electric Motubike
  • Tour

*South to North regular shuttle. For visitors, particularly hikers or boatie’s wanting to transfer between the North and South of the Island, People & Post run a daily service, everyday but Sunday from Tryphena Wharf to Port Fitzroy and back. The bus departs Tryphena at 9:45am, Claris 10am and arrives in Fitzroy at 11am and drives back down the island at 11am.

Our locals (and visitors) are a friendly bunch and hitch hiking is also a common and brilliant way to get around, with the added bonus of tales from a local on your journey.

For transport advice, car and shuttle bookings please contact the information centre.

Below is a table to give you an idea of driving times across the island from Claris.

SouthMedlands Beach10 minutes/6.8kms
Tryphena wharf40 minutes/19.2kms
WestWhangaparapara20 minutes/6.8kms
Okupu wharf15 minutes/8.5kms
EastAwana10 minutes/8.7kms
Harataonga20 minutes/12.4kms
NorthOkiwi30 minutes/20.3kms
Port Fitzroy40 minutes/25.3kms
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