Aotea Car Rentals


Aotea Car Rentals and Great Barrier Buses offer Starlets, Rav 4s, Station wagons and vans for rental which are able to be picked up and dropped off at Tryphena Wharf and Claris airstrip or delivered to your accommodation.

We also offer transport to and from the walks, beaches and other activities.

Our ‘People and Post’ service delivers post and people up and down the island. Mon – Sat 9:45am Tryphena, 10am Claris and 11am Port FitzRoy.


incorporating the 9.45 am departure and pre- arranged pick up times, ask us about our travel passes.

Our fleet is well maintained, affordable and reliable.Within our fleet we have a 24 seat and a 14 seat coach, which are available to transport large groups. Our professional drivers have great local knowledge, meet the boats and planes as well as drive the local school bus runs.



Car Hire
Passenger Transport
Daily shuttle bus up and down the island

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39 Medland Road, Auckland, Auckland 0991, New Zealand
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