Echoes with the past

“The famous photographer Henry Winkelmann, a gay man, player of the zither, lover of music, property speculator, bicycle rider, farmer,” has a strong association with Aotea, Great Barrier Island says Kim Bannister.

Visitors taking Instragram shots may find faint resonance with Henry’s early images from the late 1800s and early 1900s. Large pūriri trees captured in images next to a whare used by Henry and his friends still stand on Kim’s property in the Medlands Valley.

Henry’s images of people, yachts, landscapes, and social gatherings, including the daring kiss shown below are a highly valued part of New Zealand’s photographic archives.

He is an inspiration for Kim, one of the many volunteer care takers of the Ōruawharo, Medlands area, controlling rats and weeds so that native flora and fauna can thrive. Niho taniwha or chevron skinks, one of New Zealand’s longest lizards, are regular visitors to his home as this recent shot in his bathroom shows.


Listen to Kim Bannister’s full interview here: