Anamata Seed Bank and Seasonal Changes

Recently some of our wonderful island gardeners participated in the Grow Food Aotea Seed Swap & Sale event. Such an excellent Autumn initiative that we hope will become a regular event. If you didn’t make it to the seed swap, still have surplus seeds, or maybe you would like to try growing something new, did you know that Anamata has a community Seed Bank? It’s tucked in a glorious gardener’s corner (brimming with every type of garden book you could think of!). The viability of all the seeds can’t be guaranteed but they are free and worth a shot, there have been some great successes in the past. Seed stocks aren’t high currently but you might just find what you want.

We LOVE how great our community is at reusing and recycling. Keep up the excellent mahi!

Just a reminder as winter approaches, and with it wetter weather and cold and flu season, that there are some things we just can’t accept for recycling/compost. These include tissues/toilet paper that have been used. For the health and safety of staff (who may come in contact with hazardous human matter), we cannot compost or recycle them. Even if not contaminated, there is no way for staff to know this. Please place in your bin/bag for landfill or compost at home

Wet cardboard is also not recyclable so we are again asking our community to avoid putting paper and cardboard out on wet days. 

Words and submission by Anamata Resource and Recycling Centre