We’ll be honest – there is a lot of modern conveniences you won’t find on Aotea, which you might find in other destinations. But once you’ve got your head around this, you’ll realise this is a humbling part of your island experience.

NO LARGE SUPERMARKETS – But try our local shops and you may be surprised by their selection, and their miraculous ability to keep shelves stocked even when the freight ferry doesn’t come in.

NO MALLS – But many quirky galleries, with unique creations from our talented local artists.

NO FOOTPATHS – But a diverse range of amazing walking tracks, all over the island.

NO STREET LIGHTS – One of the reasons why our night sky is world-leading. Bring a torch if you intend to go out on foot at night.

NO PUBLIC TRANSPORT – But Great Barrier Buses operate a daily post run from Tryphena to Port Fitzroy and back every weekday morning, and you can catch a ride with the friendly driver

NO TAXIS – But friendly shuttle services and rental cars. Be sure to book well before you arrive. Or go light on your luggage and rent a solar-charged Motu Bike, or catch a trike ride with Go Great Barrier.

NO LARGE TOUR GROUPS – But small personalised experiences with Steve (Go Great Barrier), Chris (Hooked on Barrier), Benny (Star Treks) or Deb, Hilde and Selina (Good Heavens)

NO RETICULATED POWER – So no hair dryers, electric toasters and rice cookers please – but charging your devices is perfectly fine.

NO BANKS – But most places now have EFTPOS and credit card facilities.

NO BINS – But check out our Zero Waste mission and learn how you can dispose of your waste responsibly.

NO ZOO – But some of our taonga (treasures) are more rare than the animals you see in the zoo. Look out for Kaka, Taiko, Banded Rails, Dotterels, Chevron Skinks and much more.

NO FUN PARKS OR THRILL RIDES – Instead, we have waves, dive spots and the Hillary Outdoor Pursuit centre – same same but different.