Astrophotography Adventures


Are you a keen photographer visiting Great Barrier Island? Maybe Astro Photography is new to you or you would like to learn more. A proud local resident, Carol is very passionate and excited to share her astrophotography skills and secret favourite spots on Aotea with you. The adventure is for 3 hours, which includes an hour theory with detailed handouts to keep (generally held during the day) covering camera gear and setup, composition, planning and post processing. Then we will head out into the night for a couple of hours to shoot.

We will advise the optimum times for shooting based on the weather, the Milky Way position, the moon and the tides. Maximum 4 people per workshop to ensure a high quality, personalised and attentive workshop. 100% money back guarantee if we are unable to shoot due to poor weather conditions.

Cost     : 1-4 people $600

Bring   : DSLR camera (please advise camera and lens details)

: Tripod (if possible, or I have spares)

: Head torch (if possible, or I have spares)

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Great Barrier Island, Auckland 0991, New Zealand
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