Medland's Campground - Department of Conservation


Medlands campground is set back from the South end of Medlands beach in a sheltered and sunny spot right next to the estuary.
The estuary is safe for swimming with young ones and and paddling lessons.

There are no cooking facilities at this campground, you will need to provide your own. But there is a small shelter for cover.

Be careful as the road down to the beach is used for launching boats, and crossing the stream to homes on the other side.

The endangered Pateke (Brown teal) and Korora (Little Blue Penguin) are regular visitors to the area so watch out driving at night along the road.

Fires are not permitted at any time.
Dogs are not permitted at any DoC campground.

For more information and reserving a site, please see the Department of Conservation website below.

Adult (18+ years): $15 per night, Child (5 - 17 years): $7.50 per night, Infant (0 - 4 years): free

Close to the beach
Safe swimming areas nearby
Cold showers
Boat launching
Fishing spots
Shelter for cooking
Wheelchair accessible with assistance
Campervan, Car and Caravan accessible

30 Tent sites - 120 people
Campervan, Car and Caravan accessible
Non-powered campsite
Water from tap is untreated - Boil before use
Long drop
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