It happens sometimes…

We are an island destination, which means we have our own isolated weather system and sometimes that means things don’t always go to plan.

Sometimes the Colville channel that sits between us and Auckland can get too rough for the ferry to sail, or foggy weather conditions, either, here on island or in Auckland means the planes can’t fly. This can mean being delayed for a few hours, or delaying your departure home by a day.

Visitors aren’t always prepared to get ‘stuck’, be we are a remote island community familiar with mishaps so our locals and operators are well versed in what to do when things don’t quite go to plan.

Here are our key recommendations:

Booking your holiday to Aotea/Great Barrier Island:

1. Purchase travel insurance that covers adverse weather events so you are covered if you have to pay out for extra accommodation and transport

2. Consider purchasing flexi tickets for any onward journeys to other areas of New Zealand or leaving a good period of time between flights. That way you won’t be forking out for more flights if your travel plans are disrupted.

When you find out your flight or ferry is cancelled (Get confirmation from your transport provider):

1. In the first instance we recommend you head back to your accommodation and transport provider and request  extend your booking. Chances are they will have been able to extend as their next customers may be grounded in Auckland.

2. Visit our Visitor Information Centre inside the airport terminal in Claris. If you can’t visit in person, call us 0800 468 622 or email us on If you have come off staying in the huts, walking the tracks or camping we will be able to help you find accommodation and transport availability, as well as tell you where is open to eat.

3. Don’t panic! We know you probably have somewhere to be, most likely back at work, but it’s beyond your control, so embrace being stuck in paradise and enjoying some more island time.


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