Lights Out on Great Barrier Island Winter Festival

June 29, 2019

Welcome to Aotea – Great Barrier Island, where the nights are dark and the stars are bright!

We are proud to be one of only a handful of International Dark Sky Sanctuaries, the darkest of all the Dark Sky Places, in the world. Our light pollution is minimal, our stars are remarkable. In keeping with this and in collaboration with our diverse, resourceful and astute community.

Great Barrier Island hosts an annual, month-long celebration of the stars – this year called Lights Out on Great Barrier Island!

This celebration includes an array of free events for locals and visitors, and also youth and families. Events include kite making and movie nights and for talented photographers there is a dark sky photography competition including a prestigious award and the privilege of being showcased in our local Art Gallery.

Local Dark Sky Ambassadors and hand picked ‘off-island’ experts share their extensive knowledge on a wide range of subjects, from ‘Navigating the Pacific’, to basic astronomy courses, and unforgettable star gazing experiences, including a unique dining experience, astro-photography workshops, and finally a night to remember, the Stars and Planets ball.

As islanders, we are proud to host an annual event of this caliber, exhibiting and demonstrating the unique environment that is our Great Barrier Island.

Funding for this festival of free events is gratefully received from Great Barrier Local Board,  the Dark Sky Advisory Group and ATEED.