Good Heavens

Come stargazing with our local Great Barrier Dark Sky Ambassadors!

Great Barrier Island is one of three Dark Sky Sanctuaries in the world. Away from the lights of the big city and as an off-the-grid island, our light pollution is minimal. Our dark skies are superb.

Are you ready for a Dark Sky experience? Come and watch our Dark Skies with us and marvel at their magic.

Join us where the sky meets the ocean. Our enthusiastic ambassadors will guide you through the starry southern night skies and beyond, sharing their knowledge on the basics of astronomy.

Your local team knows the Barrier inside out and will either meet you at your accommodation if it has good views of the sky, or take you to the best dark spots while adding local flavour.

We are your Great Barrier Dark Sky contact for:

  • Dark Sky Tours, on your site or ours
  • Dark Sky Dinners and picnics
  • Great Barrier Dark Sky Sanctuary merchandise

We can provide binoculars and an 8″ Dobsonian telescope so that you can get up close and personal with the stars.

Dark Sky tours range from $75 -$250 per person for a minimum of 2 people, depending on how personalised you would like your tour to be. Please contact us to plan your tailored Dark Sky experience. We can supply dinners, Good Heavens t-shirts, the Sanctuary book, original planet art, and other merchandise.

Keep an eye out for special events on our website or Facebook Page



    What people say:

    "I don't think I have ever seen the Milky Way before" (It is estimated that only one in five people alive today has ever seen the Milky Way)

    "In Auckland I can see the Southern Cross, but not all the little stars around it, like you can here." (On a dark night in Auckland you would be able to see 500 stars with the naked eye, on the Barrier you can see 5000!)

    "It just makes me feel giddy when I see the richness of the skies on the Barrier" (Come and get giddy, we are here to help)