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A number of different classes are offered which are designed to rejuvenate and harmonize body, mind and emotions.

Yoga enhances our health, mental clarity and helps us find contentment in our life.

Classes are held at different locations on the island – from Port Fitzroy in the north, to central Claris, and down south to Tryphena.  Choose a style that suits you.

RESTORATIVE YOGA – long-held, supported poses designed to help you unwind and recharge.  Calming and nourishing. Helps to create ease in the mind.

YIN YOGA – steady, slow long-held poses targeting joint mobility and the flow of energy, using the breath as our anchor. Helps to create ease in the body.

YANG YOGA – a practice designed to strengthen, balance and increase flexibility. Helps to enliven and stabilize the body.

VINYASA YOGA – an invigorating and creative sequence designed to build internal heat and focus.  Movement with breath awareness and mindful transitions. Helps to create inner strength.

GENTLE YOGA – slower, shorter-held poses with breath focus.  Enjoy this class with Sofia. Helps to create body awareness.

eginner to experienced yogis are welcomed.  All props supplied.

Class fee:  Casual $20. Concession $17.  Private classes available on request.

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