Ebb and Flow Yoga

Three classes are offered which are designed to rejuvenate and harmonize body, mind and emotions.

Calming Restorative Yoga helps to create ease in the mind with long held, supported poses; Yin Yoga comprises slow, steady, long held poses to create ease in the body; Yang/Yin fusion focuses on movement with the breath, enhancing strength, stability and joint mobility. The focus in these practices is on body and breath awareness. Yoga enhances our health, mental clarity and helps us find contentment in our life.

*Public classes are held at Claris Conference Room Monday and Wednesday at 4.30pm, and in Port Fitzroy Friday 10am.

*Private sessions are available on request.

*4 night yoga retreats will be held at Great Barrier Lodge, Whangaparapara in February, March and April 2018.

Phone : 09 4290322

Email : ebbandflowyoga2017@outlook.com

Web: www.ebbandflowyoga.nz

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  • Private sessions
  • Yoga retreats
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